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Anjana @ Pre School

Just dropped off my princess at pre school …
It is day 2… she hugged me and kissed me – said bye to Athi and I and she went running into the classroom… she greeted her teachers and went to meet her friends 🙂

and there I was peeking at her through the window… thinking wow…she is okay but I am not
I am missing her right now…

Looks like she is doing way better than me 🙂

I love you appa :)

Yesterday, when your dad called from work after his lunch – I also gave the phone to you to speak to him. You said Hello in a very loud voice…and then We heard you say I LOVE YOU APPA for the first time 😀

Your dad is so happy….He was speechless!It was a very touching moment for him as his little princess said I love you to him for the first time without being asked to say so 🙂

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.

A father and mother were getting ready to go outside. The mother had already put her jacket on but the father still had not put his jacket on.

Their 2 year old daughter was sitting on the floor and watching TV. She realizes something and comes walking towards her parents…..

Daughter: Appa (dad) come here…

Dad: Yes, what happened?

Daughter: Errrrrr ….its coooold Appa …Where Jacket?(at this point she has both her arms around her shoulders and she is pretending to shiver and she is telling him to wear his jacket)

Everyone was shocked! A 2 year old realizes that her dad will be cold if he goes out without his jacket.

This was the conversation between my daughter and my husband last night. It was so sweet to watch and I was standing there proud of my daughter for I had taught her to care for her father like no other. My husband was touched to see our little girl cared so much about him.

*** A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart***

A Baby brother or a sister for ANJANA

You just celebrated your 2nd birthday and we are expecting our 2nd child.

Even though you are too young to understand that there is a baby in my tummy…you still run to me and kiss me on my tummy. You take good care of your dolls and treat them like real babies. This makes me very confidant that you will be a great big sister and I know you will make your dad and I proud.

You are talking a lot….is sooo active.

And you keep me on my toes all the time.

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I love you….

I wanted to take this moment to write  this wonderful feeling that I am feeling for my husband this second. I want to make it very special so I am taking this chance to show it off. I believe in doing things right away rather then saving it for later.  I know this is a blog meant for our daughter but I feel that posting this entry will also make our daughter understand from what kind of love she existed.

If I had everything that God could grant me

There will be very little that would bring me peace

To be in your arms is everything I want

Each breath that I take is meant for you

I am living this life knowing that you are beside me always…

And I immerse in the promise of your love

With all my heart…I want to say that my heart belongs to you…

~ ~ ~ I love you more, the most and the mostest~ ~ ~

So you think only you can do that mommy….?

I am pretty sure this is what you were thinking as you tried to put on a hair tie all by yourself.

Your dad and I were watching you as you tried to do this….we were very surprised!

You are like our little detective..always watching what we are up to and you are always wanting to do something.

I am pretty sure you probably think that you have so much to do in so little time.

We also saw you were trying to put together a ball (that was broken in 2 pieces). We were surprised to see you trying so very hard to put the ball together. Therefore, we decided to buy you building blocks to encourage your creativity.

So we got you MEGA BLOKS!

You seem to be more interested in taking the blocks apart than building. So yeah…I guess you are enjoying taking it apart first!!!! All good!!!

Walking …and More Walking…

Just after your 1st birthday, you are beginning to walk a lot.  You are testing your balance by standing up a lot and taking more steps all by yourself.

I think by next week, you might start running. You are climbing the sofa, coffee table and you love to sit by your dad while he is on the laptop.

You are growing up very fast…and its unbelievable.

Happy Birthday Anjana

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday our dearest Anjana

Happy Birthday to you!!!

I can’t believe an year has passed by since you were born.

I am so happy to have you in my life. You can stand on your own now and you can even take a few steps on your own.

We are having your birthday party on the 5th of February. I am so busy planning for it.

Can’t wait to see how that all goes…

Stay tuned to Anjana’s birthday party video and photos on our blog very soon.

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