A journey of first time parents……



First blood test

I left work at 2:30 pm so that your dad can take me to the lab. We were the only people in the lab. The lady in the lab told me to go to room number 1 so that she can take the blood sample. She was having a little bit of trouble locating my vein, finally she found the right spot. She took 4 little tubes of blood out from me (yeah ouch!!!!). I asked her when the doctor would get the result, she said that maybe tomorrow.

My right hand is hurting very bad. Your dad patted my hand and kissed me and said that the pain would go away soon. He takes really good care of me. I was craving for McDonald`s today. He took me to the McDonald`s. I never eat a meal fully, but today I told him to buy me a McChiken meal for me. I wanted to come home and eat. I ate the whole meal…I shared about 1 fry with your dad. I was willing to share more, but he did not want any as he was not hungry and he wanted me to feed myself properly.

I introduced you to McDonald`s today!!! 🙂 hehehehehehe, I know that you won`t be able to taste it now…but I was telling your dad that I introduced you to McDonald`s today.

Today, my tummy does not feel very sore and I don`t feel any back aches. I know that this week you are 5 weeks old. This is a week of crucial wiring when the placenta and umbilical cord hook up to me. Your heart–about the size of a poppy seed–starts beating.

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