A journey of first time parents……



Montreal Visit…

We are now in Montreal at your peyriyappa’s house (dad’s eldest brother).
Today was such a bad day for us. I had to go to the emergency as I started bleeding the night before.

Your dad took me to the emergency around 10 am and we did not get home until 8:30 pm. The doctors and the nurse took a lot of tests.

You should have seen your dad. He was really worried but at the end it turned out that you are okay and that we did not have anything to worry about.

Your dad and I never ever want to face a day like that ever again. I hated lying on that hospital bed for the whole day and your dad….I felt so sorry for him as he just sat there beside me on a chair from 10 am to 8:30 pm.

Just imagine sitting there watching me, watching the doctors do all kind of testing and not knowing if you are okay.

I was lucky because I fell asleep in between but your dad could not but he was so relived when the results came in which confirmed that you are healthy as ever and that we had nothing to worry about.

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