A journey of first time parents……



First shopping for maternity clothes

None of my skirts or jeans fit me no more. They are all very tight. Even though I will be 6 weeks pregnant starting monday; all my clothes are tight. Your dad as usual is very worried that even my clothes are tight because he thinks its not good for you. So then after lunch, he took me to the mall (Square One-Mississauga, ON). We went to Suzy Shier and we bought lots of clothes. Your dad picked most of them and he was very patient.

He made me try all of the clothes and by the time we were done, the mall was closing. He then took me to Laura Secord; we had ice cream. We sat down on one of these couches in the mall and ate the ice cream.  He then took me to the Wal-Mart; we did more shopping. Then I was very tired and we returned home.

When we came home, I made puttu for dinner (your dad’s favourite item for dinner). I don’t know why but I am feeling very tired most of the time now and feel as if I am always thirsty.

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