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First Ultrasound

Much awaited day!!!!!
Yes it is….

1st Ultrasound at 6 weeks pregnancy!

I left work at 2:30 pm today and arrived at Cooksville (Mississauga) at 3:30 pm. I was told to drink 4 large glasses of water and to keep my bladder full for this test (meaning no washroom breaks allowed). I was having a very hard time because I knew I had to pee and I could not because if I did, there would be no point in doing this ultrasound. There I was standing there waiting for your dad uncomfortably and I had tears in my eyes because I could not hold on any longer….just then your dad came and picked me up and we went straight to the ultrasound lab.

The radiologist called me in and asked me to change and to meet her in the lab. The radiologist was a female so I felt very comfortable. She was taking lot of pictures of the uterus and clicking here and there in her screen and I could not understand anything. So then I asked her if she can see you, she then told me that she is not authorized to tell me anything but at the end she will show me if she can see anything.

She was taking so many pictures and on the screen all I saw was little circles and I thought OMG, maybe I have cysts. I did not know that ultrasound would take this long. 10 minutes later, she asked me if I wanted to see my pregnancy. I told her that your dad is waiting outside and to bring him inside to see also. 2 mins later, your dad was in there also; and we both saw you. You are so tiny – you are the size of a pea. You should have seen your dad’s face, he was very happy. He had a big smile on his face as if he just won first place in an unbeatable race. She then told us that you are still very small as we are in the early stages of pregnancy. We both thanked her as we left the lab.

On our way out of the lab, your dad was telling me how worried he got when she called him in. He thought that something was wrong and that they were calling him in to sign papers. He got really worried – I could tell. We hugged and kissed each other – that assured both of us that we had nothing to worry about. We are very very happy and excited today as we saw you.

When we came home, your appamma was not home so we called your ammachi and told her the news. While we were talking to your ammachi, your appamma came home. We told her the news too. You should have seen the smile on her face.

Later in the day, we decided that on Wednesday (May 27th-the day of your maama’s birthday), we would tell everyone in the family about the confirmed pregnancy. We also talked to your maama, he is as usual very excited like your dad. He is really happy. We also talked to your appappa, he was very happy too but he was telling me to be very careful, to eat on time and to eat healthy.

Your dad’s and my day feels very complete today as we had just seen you. You look like a kutty circle with a diameter of maybe about .5 cm. I was telling your dad that a kutty circle never looked very cute in life until today.

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2 Responses to “First Ultrasound”

  1. capitalz says:

    Hey it was very interesting to see the point of view of a mother before even the child was born. But all your posts, I see no negative/ bad/ sad things you mention. Isn’t there any worries, or sad or fights?

  2. abirami says:

    Thank you very much for your concern.

    To be honest, my husband and I are living each and every day with lots of happiness that even when something sad happens or when a fight occurs, it does not seem like a big issue. All the excitment we are feeling and all the happiness we are getting because of this wonderful child is taking all the bad moments away. This is the reason why when I write the blog I can not recall any bad/sad/angry memories or moments other than happy moments. But if you notice, in my previous posts- I do talk about our worries. My husband and I only worry so much about our baby nowadays.

    Hang around for more in the weeks to come 😀

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