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Panic attack?!?

Today at work -I was feeling very very hungry. I think I felt hungry every 15 mins.

I so then started eating Sesame Snaps – about 4 small squares of them. As I was eating it, I came across an article on the internet about it being not safe during early pregnancy. I got so scared. I was panicking. I did not know what to do.

I called your dad – He got mad at me on the phone because I was not very clear in my explanation and so he was getting worried on the other side. So then, I took a deep breath and I had told him that I was worried because I had just consumed 35g of Sesame Seed (Sesame seed snaps). He then asked your appamma, I heard her say that it’s something to avoid. 

My heart beat started racing and I am getting so worried. You dad tells me not to worry and that you will be alright as I had only ate a little bit. He told me to drink lots of water, eat other food and also try to vomit.

After talking to your dad – I ate an apple like he suggested. I drank lots of water too. Then I went on the internet and did further research. About 99% of the article I found suggests pregnant woman to eat sesame seed as it is rich in calcium. I was very happy in reading that. I then found my blood pressure decrease (thank god). I am really worried about you chellam. I hope you are okay – I know you will be save and healthy because your dad assured me. 

Your dad had made an appointment for us with our family doctor on Saturday (30th of May) at 10:45 to check up on the ultrasound and also the blood test.

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