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Just another day? or not?!?

Chella kutty, I wonder what you are doing in my tummy right now? I am at work right now and I am feeling very tired as I did not get enough sleep last night because I was busy talking to your dad until about 12:30 am. Today is your maama’s birthday!!!

We had called him around 6:30 am (Toronto time) and left a message. He called me at work around 9:44 am. I wished him happy birthday from us. He was asking me what his gift was – I told him that his gift is you.

He was then telling me that I should not feed you any coffee or lots of pop as it contains caffeine which is not good for you.

I started getting scared about miscarriage. I am very worried after reading many articles. Miscarriage rate is very high among women up until the 12th week of pregnancy.  All I want is you to be very safe and healthy in my tummy and that I should hand you over safely to your dad. He is much awaiting for your arrival than anyone in this world.

I even posted a link on my blog about preventing misscarriage.  Even though I am very careful, I still am a little bit worried. I guess its the motherly worry every women gets while she is pregnant.

We love you very much chellam – Just be safe.

Cause me any pain but be safe and healthy.

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