A journey of first time parents……



1st visit to the Doctor

I finished work at 4, your dad picked me up from the GO station at 5 and we went to the doctor.

We got to the doctor`s office just on time for the appointment at 5:15. Sitting at the doctor`s office, many things are running in our minds. What will we ask the doctor, what do we have to do, what can we not do during pregnancy and so many more things. I could not sit for a long time so I got up and started walking around. I saw 2 new born babies, one was sleeping in its car seat while the other was crying so much. I felt really good seeing the babies and your dad and I were thinking …wow very soon we are going to have you in our arms. I was telling your dad how we would dress you and that how now I need to buy matching clothes for him and you.

We did not get called in to see the doctor until 5:45. The doctor said that I would have to have a blood test to confirm the pregnancy as the urine test was not very clear. And an ultra sound had to be done very soon to make sure there would not be any complications. She had prescribed me some vitamins for your growth.

Your dad suggested that we take the blood test tomorrow as it was too late to give blood test today.

On our way back home, he was driving very slow (mind you, your dad is a very fast driver….speedy). He was making sure that he goes over the road bumps very slow so that I won`t feel comfortable and that we don`t disturb you while you work to develop yourself.

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