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Daddy is sick!!!

I have been feeling very tired nowadays that I have not written a post for a very long time. My tummy is very big for a 9 week old pregnancy tummy. Morning sickness started 3 days ago which is making me very tired. I can not even sit cross legged any more, I can not bend down any more also because my tummy is in my way, and after the 2 blood tests; I am taking pills for thyroid so that you (baby) won’t be affected by thyroid problems. I hate blood tests because they hurt a lot but I have to go through so many of them by the time you are born to monitor if you are safe and getting all the nutrients you need or not.

This is not the worse part. The worse news is your daddy is sick. He has been very sick for the past 3 days. The worst part is I can not even go near him, hug him or kiss him because I might catch his fever which is not good for you. Your appamma made me sleep by myself yesterday because she is really worried that I can catch your daddy’s fever and pass it to you. Your ammachi is telling me to be very careful also because she is telling me that I can not take any pills if I get sick. I feel so sorry for your dad because he is very tired and is very sick. I feel so sorry for me also because I can’t even do anything for your dad because everyone is worried that I might get you sick.  I just want to tell you even before you are born that you are one lucky kid because your dad loves and cares for you very much. He is already watching out for you. 

I hope your daddy gets better soon because it hurts not to be able to go near your dad.

The good news is that I think he will get better by the end of this week. 

The other good news is your ammachi is coming this Friday to stay with us for about 3 weeks or so. She wants to see me so bad and take care of me while I have you in my tummy.

I am very excited that she is coming chellam.

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  1. Tatiana says:

    Daddy is not sick, he’s just lazy.
    It’s not good for men to stay at home. They become sick, lazy and irritable. I know that very well.

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