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Walking time….

She can walk by holding on to furniture Full Article

I should be called a wonder woman!!!!!!!!

Oh man oh man….what a hectic life………….She is 8 months …. What the hell was I thinking? This is what I ask nowadays………… What I feel? I am tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I hate? How my husband can not put her to sleep every night? What I love? How cute she is no matter what she Full Article

Standing up…..

She learned to stand up Full Article

Crawling time….

She learned to swim (crawl) Full Article

So curious and always excited

She is wanting to grab objects from places…she seems more curious and excited….she likes to kick her ABCD TOY with her legs from her easy chair and from her grandma’s lap Full Article


She said appa for the first time…. Full Article

She rolled over

She rolled over from her back to her belly Full Article

She recognizes faces

She can differentiate between familiar faces now… she knows me…she will cry to be lifted by me whenever she is with anyone Full Article

She said Ammaa

She said amma…. now a days its mostly mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that she says alot…. and another thing she did was …. she learned to grab on to objects but does not know how to let go…the first thing she grabbed was her hair and she would cry because she would not know how to let go. Full Article

Yaiiiiiiiiiiii She can lift her head….

she would lift her head from the pillow from a lying position for a short while…about 5 seconds Full Article

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