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First shopping for baby

Your great- grandparents (India) said it was an auspicious day for us to go shopping for you for the first time. Your dad and I went to the store and bought some clothes, creams and some blankets for you. Looking at your clothes makes me so happy. They are so cute. I can’t wait to Full Article

Happy Birthday to granny….

Today your dad ate after 5 days. We invited so many of our relatives and your dad’s friends over for lunch. It was so much fun. They really liked the food. You are soooooooooo active and a smart baby because you have a way of letting me know what you like and what you don’t Full Article

Daddy is fasting…..

Your dad had started his fast for Kantha sasti. It always breaks my heart to watch him do this.He won’t even drink a single drop of water until 7 pm every evening after praying. I know he is keeping this fast for our good. In the past, I have tried not eating but this time Full Article

Home sweet home….

We were with your 4th chithappa’s house in Ottawa. It was so much fun there also. We left Ottawa to come in a bus. The bus ride was about 5 hours and it was not that bad at all. It felt so good to open the door to our apartment. HOME SWEET HOME !!!!!!!!! IT Full Article

Trying to be normal….

The past week has been very hard for me as your dad is extra careful about anything and everything I do. He is always keeping an eye on me making sure that I am not doing any heavy work. We are now at your chithappa’s house (dad’s 3rd bother). Here you have alot of people Full Article

Montreal Visit…

We are now in Montreal at your peyriyappa’s house (dad’s eldest brother). Today was such a bad day for us. I had to go to the emergency as I started bleeding the night before. Your dad took me to the emergency around 10 am and we did not get home until 8:30 pm. The doctors Full Article

Happy Anniversary

It is our first year wedding anniversary today. We went to the temple in the morning. We are very happy that you are here with us in my tummy enjoying all this. You are our best gift. Your dad gave me a photo album which contained pictures of your dad and I. It was just Full Article

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