A journey of first time parents……



First Bath

You had your first bath today. Surprisingly, you did not cry at all. It seemed like you enjoyed the bath the whole time.

Your umbilical cord fell off last night around 11 pm. I was so happy because all this time I was so scared that it might not fall off and that the doctors would have to snatch it off from you.

You were pretty good last night. You did not cry a lot. Your dad was saying that it was because he put you to sleep. I also think you seemed to like it more when he is carrying you, talking to you,  and putting you to sleep.

Baby Oviyaa

Finally you are here.
You were born on January 31, 2010 at 10:04 AM.
We named you Oviyaa.

You had a lot of visitors at the hospital. Your dad says that everyday you are becoming more beautiful. Both your grandmas are always helping me with your tasks. Your periyappa (dad’s 2nd brother) comes to see you everyday. He even calls from work in the evenings to check up on you.

You drink lots and lots of milk.  We have to give you bottle milk on top of breast milk.  Surprisingly, you started to give a kick [உன்னுத‌ல்] on your 4th day. You also started to lift your head by yourself and it looks like you are going to turn very soon.

Your dad’s and my life changed completely. We were once so free to do anything. Now with you in our life, everything is timed. Your dad says that right now our lives revolve around you. I was very emotional for the first few days because I could not talk to your dad properly, sit with him, hold hands or do any of those things we did before having you. We don’t eat together, we don’t watch TV together…..everything just changed. Right now your dad and I just have the time to think about you not about ourselves.

You smile a lot now. Everyone says that you look like me but have your dad’s long legs and arms. You are so tiny that one pillow is like your small bed.
You are sleeping now, so that’s why I was able to write this post.

Your smile takes all my miseries away
Your touch takes all my pain away
Your presence fills my world with delight
You’re a joy to all those you meet

You will learn many things…
You will want to reach for the sky
You will reach milestones, You will make mistakes
But your dad and I are here to guide you through!

We love you Oviyaa
With Love Appa & Amma

More to come…..stay tuned!

I think I see the signs!!!!

Today I have been feeling very tired and I have been feeling practice contractions. They come and go …so its less frequent.

Everyone is so happy that I am starting to feel the contractions because they are all excited to see you.

Your  dad and I have been going up and down the stairs in our building (from 7th floor to Ground floor) rather than using the elevators. He is making me do this whenever we have to use the elevators. Do you know how tiring it is to do that with you in my tummy?….  I hate it!

I am feeling so uncomfortable and just can’t get comfortable in any position.


Your dad and I have been thinking of names for you.

So far these are the names we have got for you ….


If you know more names, please leave them in a comment (Only Tamil names please).

Not here yet!

You are still not here yet!

Just waiting and waiting and waiting…

The last few days seems like its taking forever…..

I am just so tired….. from waiting…

8 days to go???? Why!!!

Thats it….its like I want you out of my tummy. I just want to see you.

I am doing a lot of walking with your dad, doing house chores and then also walking on the thread mill. I am doing all this to make you come out faster if it works.

Everyone is calling me to find out if I have had you. I think daily I receive about 1 to 2 phone calls everyday inquiring if you have arrived.

The tension is building and I don’t know when the big day is…. but for sure your dad and I are eagerly waiting for your arrival.

See you soon (if this is the last post before your arrival…. 🙂

When will you arrive?

Very impatient….exhausted….

This is how I feel nowadays.  I am so impatient…

I want to see you as soon as possible. I am always thinking when will you come.

Your appamma (your dad’s mom)  is saying maybe you don’t know the way to come out…. hehehehe.

When your dad calls his friends to talk, their first question is “is the baby here?”

So everyone is just waiting for your arrival.

I am thinking that maybe you are just so comfortable in my tummy that you do not want to come out.

Your dad has become so concious about everything we do for you now. From buying pillows to how comfortable you will be. He is looking out for you already.

As I am typing this post, I am feeling your hicups.  I think I do get contractions but it comes and goes so I think its just practice contractions.

I still have morning sickness…I throw up every morning! Yucky!!!!!!

My ob said that he will give you 2 more weeks to come out if not, he will have to induce the labor; which both your dad and I do not want. We are just so eager to see you. I know that means alot of pain for me but its all good.

Just wondering how you will turn out to be………mmmmmmmmmmmm


So many gifts……..

Your grandma is here…. and she brought you so many gifts from your appappa and maama.

Your dad and I were looking at the gifts and we were thinking so many gifts already?????????? WOW…..LUCKY KID!

Your maama not just send clothes for you….he also bought you a Wii!!!!!!

Your grandma is so happy when she sees you moving in my tummy. She can’t wait to see you. After I have you, I have both your grandmas for support!!!!!!! Thank god!

Nowadays, I am having a hard time walking. Its almost as  if you are going to drop pretty soon!

I can’t sleep well nowadays! Its so uncomfortable!

Your dad is getting very excited by the day to see you! I can’t wait to see you but also nowadays I am having a very hard time getting comfortable. I feel like crying at times because I just don’t know how to get comfortable.

I have the feeling that I will have you in 2 weeks time. Lets see if my prediction is right!

Your crib is ready!!!!!!!!

We got your crib today.

We have been checking so many stores for the best crib but managed to buy it today.

We really like it and think that you would be very comfortable in it.

I have a feeling that it will be huge for you because my tummy is very small so that means you will be very tiny too.

Your dad wants to set it up to make sure that it has all the parts and that nothing is missing……

So I guess we will be doing that very soon….maybe in a couple of days…..

We are ready for your arrival! We have bought everything  we need. Now….we just need to wait for you to come.

Your grandma is coming from Vancouver this Saturday!

She is brining you so many gifts from your maama (my brother). You are one lucky kid….

I can’t sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not having the greastest days so far because I CAN’T SLEEP.

Last night I went to bed and 3 am, and today…its already 1:30 am and I can not sleep.

Your dad is already deep sleeping and snoring! I feel like crying because I can’t sleep. Its tiring me alot and making me mad. Even if I manage to fall asleep; I get up at least 4 times to go to the washroom.

Already I am having a hard time sleeping and as I manage to fall asleep, I get up to go to the washroom. When I come back to bed, I again have a hard time falling asleep. But as I manage to sleep, I have to get up again to go to the washroom.

I am so cranky and its like no one cares or understands which is making me more mad.

And you my dear……won’t rest either….You are so active during the night time too which is another big reason I can’t sleep. I just can’t get comfortable no matter how I try to sleep.

I feel like all of a sudden I have been left out…feeling so alone……I am getting so annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully Things Will Change In The Time To Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are almost done shopping for you. All we need to buy is the crib (mattress/bedding).

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