A journey of first time parents……



Baby bag packed!

We packed your bag to take to the hospital 2 days ago.
I had a list of things to pack for you and your dad made sure that everything was packed and that nothing was missing.

As I was folding your clothes, I kept thinking “omg, these clothes are so tiny”.

My tummy has not grown that big and I am pretty sure you will be a very tiny baby.

Now that we have done packing  your bag, we have to pack mine which I have not done.

The past 2 days, your dad has been cleaning the house. He re-arranged all the furniture in our bed room to make space for your crib and cabinet. I think the arrangement now looks better.

A Surprise Baby Shower

A surprise baby shower!
Your dad and his friends’ wives organized a surprise baby shower for me.
Your dad told me that it was a birthday party we were attending…so I got ready and we went.

As soon as I entered the door (friend’s house)….everyone there shouted “SURPRISE”.

Yeah I was surprised….because I was really wondering who it is for…

It turns out that it was a surprise baby shower for me!
I was so happy, excited that my hands were shaking.

Your dad’s friends’ families were there. It was very special for me. I felt really special.

We got a lot of gifts for you.

We took a lot of pictures.
It was an unforgettable day for me….

First shopping for baby

Your great- grandparents (India) said it was an auspicious day for us to go shopping for you for the first time.
Your dad and I went to the store and bought some clothes, creams and some blankets for you.

Looking at your clothes makes me so happy. They are so cute. I can’t wait to put them on you.

Happy Birthday to granny….

Today your dad ate after 5 days.

We invited so many of our relatives and your dad’s friends over for lunch. It was so much fun. They really liked the food.

You are soooooooooo active and a smart baby because you have a way of letting me know what you like and what you don’t like already just with your movements in my tummy.

Today is also your grandmother’s birthday (my mom). We called her and wished her. She was really happy.

Daddy is fasting…..

Your dad had started his fast for Kantha sasti.

It always breaks my heart to watch him do this.He won’t even drink a single drop of water until 7 pm every evening after praying.
I know he is keeping this fast for our good.

In the past, I have tried not eating but this time I could not do that as I have you in my tummy. I can’t hurt you at all.

This is his 4th year; he has 2 more years to go.

Home sweet home….

We were with your 4th chithappa’s house in Ottawa. It was so much fun there also. We left Ottawa to come in a bus.

The bus ride was about 5 hours and it was not that bad at all.

It felt so good to open the door to our apartment. HOME SWEET HOME !!!!!!!!!


Trying to be normal….

The past week has been very hard for me as your dad is extra careful about anything and everything I do. He is always keeping an eye on me making sure that I am not doing any heavy work.

We are now at your chithappa’s house (dad’s 3rd bother). Here you have alot of people to play with. It was so much fun to stay with them.

We have a birthday party to attend this Saturday.

You are more active than ever…I guess all this noise is making you so happy and I think you just want to join in.

Montreal Visit…

We are now in Montreal at your peyriyappa’s house (dad’s eldest brother).
Today was such a bad day for us. I had to go to the emergency as I started bleeding the night before.

Your dad took me to the emergency around 10 am and we did not get home until 8:30 pm. The doctors and the nurse took a lot of tests.

You should have seen your dad. He was really worried but at the end it turned out that you are okay and that we did not have anything to worry about.

Your dad and I never ever want to face a day like that ever again. I hated lying on that hospital bed for the whole day and your dad….I felt so sorry for him as he just sat there beside me on a chair from 10 am to 8:30 pm.

Just imagine sitting there watching me, watching the doctors do all kind of testing and not knowing if you are okay.

I was lucky because I fell asleep in between but your dad could not but he was so relived when the results came in which confirmed that you are healthy as ever and that we had nothing to worry about.

Places we visisted….

We went to the following places:

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge – Vancouver’s oldest tourist attraction, originally built in 1889, stretches 450 feet (137m) across and 230 feet (70m) above Capilano River.

  • Grouse Mountains –  one of the North Shore Mountains overlooking Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • Whister – Canadian resort town in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is the Host Mountain Resort of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.  We had so much fun there. We went on so many cable car rides. The best was the peak to peak Gondola ride which we learnt has the longest unsupported span of 3.024 kilometres.

We went to Alberta for one week to visit your dad’s brother’s house. It was so much fun there. I met Sanjay (Your cousin brother) for the second time and this time we became good friends. He is really cute. He always hugged me saying that he was hugging the baby. I had such a nice time with Sanjay’s mom; she is really sweet.

We visited the town of Drumheller which is known as the Dinosaur capital of Canada. We went to Banff and Calgary which was so beautiful.

We are planning to visit Montreal and Ottawa to visit your other chithapppas’ and cousin brothers and sisters.

A very long vacation indeed……………………………………….

Awesome Vancouver…..

Looking back on the past few weeks….feels awesome!

Your dad and I arrived in Vancouver, BC to visit your grandparents and uncle on the 5th of August. It was our first trip by air with you. I remember how excited I was that day but the flight trip was not comfortable as I could not sit on the seat for 5 hours continuously, because you were in my tummy.

Everyone was very excited to see us. We had a BBQ the week after we arrived there. We went to eat sushi with your uncle 2 times. In the evenings, I took your dad around some parks in Richmond and Vancouver – We always had a good time  doing that. It was always very romantic just what I always ask your dad for. He also told me that he had dreamt of doing this. And you could tell how happy he was to see his dream come true.

You, my dear have been very very active. Unbelievable! You do give me a rough time at times. My morning sickness has not stopped. I could not sleep properly until this week. But it is supposed to get worse next trimester.

Your uncle and grandparents are waiting to spoil you – this both your dad and I can tell. Your dad has changed so much. He learned how to cope with a pregnant woman’s needs. He is just so awesome. He is always there to do whatever I need. Before, I do argue with him for not doing things. But really, he does so much before but I always complained. He always says this but I have come to understand it now. Now I see so many changes. I guess the past few weeks your dad and I have changed a lot along with you.

I felt you crawling today. The feeling was great!

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