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Happy Anniversary

It is our first year wedding anniversary today.

We went to the temple in the morning. We are very happy that you are here with us in my tummy enjoying all this.

You are our best gift.

Your dad gave me a photo album which contained pictures of your dad and I. It was just pictures that we had taken together in the past one year and at the end of the photo album, he also put your ultrasound pictures. It was so special to look at the album.

Your grandfather invited his friends over and we had a small party.

17 weeks ultrasound

We went for an ultrasound today. Your dad and I were very excited.

We found out that you were only 17 weeks instead of 18 weeks. This means the date of your delivery is pushed by one more week, which is around January 27th, 2010.

We saw your cute body. We saw your hands, feet, heart, back, etc. You are so active. You would not stay still; you kept moving around.

We were given 5 pictures of you. I keep looking at them with your dad. We are both very excited.

The radiologist said that he could not tell if you are a boy or girl yet.

Your dad and I don’t care if you will be a girl or a boy. We just want you to be healthy.

We heard your heartbeat!!!!!!!!

We went to the doctor for a prenatal check up today. Your dad and I were very excited regarding today’s appointment as we were hoping to hear your heart beat.

At the doctor’s office, we had to wait for about an hour to see the doctor. Finally, we got called in. The doctor made us hear your heart beat. We were so happy. You should have seen both your dad’s and my face. Your heart beat sounded as if little dogs were barking at once.

Today happens to be a very memorable day for me. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.

Morning Sickness!

13 weeks!!!!!

I am suffering from morning sickness. I am loosing my appetite! I can’t stand up for a long time..I am having very bad back pains!

My tummy got big that when I stand up, I am not able to see my toes no more!

Daddy is sick!!!

I have been feeling very tired nowadays that I have not written a post for a very long time. My tummy is very big for a 9 week old pregnancy tummy. Morning sickness started 3 days ago which is making me very tired. I can not even sit cross legged any more, I can not bend down any more also because my tummy is in my way, and after the 2 blood tests; I am taking pills for thyroid so that you (baby) won’t be affected by thyroid problems. I hate blood tests because they hurt a lot but I have to go through so many of them by the time you are born to monitor if you are safe and getting all the nutrients you need or not.

This is not the worse part. The worse news is your daddy is sick. He has been very sick for the past 3 days. The worst part is I can not even go near him, hug him or kiss him because I might catch his fever which is not good for you. Your appamma made me sleep by myself yesterday because she is really worried that I can catch your daddy’s fever and pass it to you. Your ammachi is telling me to be very careful also because she is telling me that I can not take any pills if I get sick. I feel so sorry for your dad because he is very tired and is very sick. I feel so sorry for me also because I can’t even do anything for your dad because everyone is worried that I might get you sick.  I just want to tell you even before you are born that you are one lucky kid because your dad loves and cares for you very much. He is already watching out for you. 

I hope your daddy gets better soon because it hurts not to be able to go near your dad.

The good news is that I think he will get better by the end of this week. 

The other good news is your ammachi is coming this Friday to stay with us for about 3 weeks or so. She wants to see me so bad and take care of me while I have you in my tummy.

I am very excited that she is coming chellam.

Everyone knows!!!!!!!!

Everyone knows!
Yesterday was very memorable as we told everyone the news of your arrival. We told your dad’s brothers’ families. They were all very happy to hear the news. They are all looking forward to your arrival. You will be the youngest member of the Satkunanathan family for now.

I called your great-grandparents (from my side) in India to tell them of your arrival. They are so happy. They are very happy and told me that you will be very special as you are the child of their first son’s (my dad) first child (me).

I am thinking no one would have gotten all these attentions before they are born you know. Lucky you chellam.

Just another day? or not?!?

Chella kutty, I wonder what you are doing in my tummy right now? I am at work right now and I am feeling very tired as I did not get enough sleep last night because I was busy talking to your dad until about 12:30 am. Today is your maama’s birthday!!!

We had called him around 6:30 am (Toronto time) and left a message. He called me at work around 9:44 am. I wished him happy birthday from us. He was asking me what his gift was – I told him that his gift is you.

He was then telling me that I should not feed you any coffee or lots of pop as it contains caffeine which is not good for you.

I started getting scared about miscarriage. I am very worried after reading many articles. Miscarriage rate is very high among women up until the 12th week of pregnancy.  All I want is you to be very safe and healthy in my tummy and that I should hand you over safely to your dad. He is much awaiting for your arrival than anyone in this world.

I even posted a link on my blog about preventing misscarriage.  Even though I am very careful, I still am a little bit worried. I guess its the motherly worry every women gets while she is pregnant.

We love you very much chellam – Just be safe.

Cause me any pain but be safe and healthy.

Panic attack?!?

Today at work -I was feeling very very hungry. I think I felt hungry every 15 mins.

I so then started eating Sesame Snaps – about 4 small squares of them. As I was eating it, I came across an article on the internet about it being not safe during early pregnancy. I got so scared. I was panicking. I did not know what to do.

I called your dad – He got mad at me on the phone because I was not very clear in my explanation and so he was getting worried on the other side. So then, I took a deep breath and I had told him that I was worried because I had just consumed 35g of Sesame Seed (Sesame seed snaps). He then asked your appamma, I heard her say that it’s something to avoid. 

My heart beat started racing and I am getting so worried. You dad tells me not to worry and that you will be alright as I had only ate a little bit. He told me to drink lots of water, eat other food and also try to vomit.

After talking to your dad – I ate an apple like he suggested. I drank lots of water too. Then I went on the internet and did further research. About 99% of the article I found suggests pregnant woman to eat sesame seed as it is rich in calcium. I was very happy in reading that. I then found my blood pressure decrease (thank god). I am really worried about you chellam. I hope you are okay – I know you will be save and healthy because your dad assured me. 

Your dad had made an appointment for us with our family doctor on Saturday (30th of May) at 10:45 to check up on the ultrasound and also the blood test.

First Ultrasound

Much awaited day!!!!!
Yes it is….

1st Ultrasound at 6 weeks pregnancy!

I left work at 2:30 pm today and arrived at Cooksville (Mississauga) at 3:30 pm. I was told to drink 4 large glasses of water and to keep my bladder full for this test (meaning no washroom breaks allowed). I was having a very hard time because I knew I had to pee and I could not because if I did, there would be no point in doing this ultrasound. There I was standing there waiting for your dad uncomfortably and I had tears in my eyes because I could not hold on any longer….just then your dad came and picked me up and we went straight to the ultrasound lab.

The radiologist called me in and asked me to change and to meet her in the lab. The radiologist was a female so I felt very comfortable. She was taking lot of pictures of the uterus and clicking here and there in her screen and I could not understand anything. So then I asked her if she can see you, she then told me that she is not authorized to tell me anything but at the end she will show me if she can see anything.

She was taking so many pictures and on the screen all I saw was little circles and I thought OMG, maybe I have cysts. I did not know that ultrasound would take this long. 10 minutes later, she asked me if I wanted to see my pregnancy. I told her that your dad is waiting outside and to bring him inside to see also. 2 mins later, your dad was in there also; and we both saw you. You are so tiny – you are the size of a pea. You should have seen your dad’s face, he was very happy. He had a big smile on his face as if he just won first place in an unbeatable race. She then told us that you are still very small as we are in the early stages of pregnancy. We both thanked her as we left the lab.

On our way out of the lab, your dad was telling me how worried he got when she called him in. He thought that something was wrong and that they were calling him in to sign papers. He got really worried – I could tell. We hugged and kissed each other – that assured both of us that we had nothing to worry about. We are very very happy and excited today as we saw you.

When we came home, your appamma was not home so we called your ammachi and told her the news. While we were talking to your ammachi, your appamma came home. We told her the news too. You should have seen the smile on her face.

Later in the day, we decided that on Wednesday (May 27th-the day of your maama’s birthday), we would tell everyone in the family about the confirmed pregnancy. We also talked to your maama, he is as usual very excited like your dad. He is really happy. We also talked to your appappa, he was very happy too but he was telling me to be very careful, to eat on time and to eat healthy.

Your dad’s and my day feels very complete today as we had just seen you. You look like a kutty circle with a diameter of maybe about .5 cm. I was telling your dad that a kutty circle never looked very cute in life until today.

First shopping for maternity clothes

None of my skirts or jeans fit me no more. They are all very tight. Even though I will be 6 weeks pregnant starting monday; all my clothes are tight. Your dad as usual is very worried that even my clothes are tight because he thinks its not good for you. So then after lunch, he took me to the mall (Square One-Mississauga, ON). We went to Suzy Shier and we bought lots of clothes. Your dad picked most of them and he was very patient.

He made me try all of the clothes and by the time we were done, the mall was closing. He then took me to Laura Secord; we had ice cream. We sat down on one of these couches in the mall and ate the ice cream.  He then took me to the Wal-Mart; we did more shopping. Then I was very tired and we returned home.

When we came home, I made puttu for dinner (your dad’s favourite item for dinner). I don’t know why but I am feeling very tired most of the time now and feel as if I am always thirsty.

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