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Your maama’s call

Last night I had sent this blog link to your maama (my one and only brother Bala). So around 1:58 pm today at work, he called. He was yelling and screaming on the phone with happiness and I can tell that he was very excited by the news of your arrival. He was telling me that he was very happy to become a maama. He was saying “acca, neejey oru baby, unnakula oru wah wah (baby) a?” endu. He is more than happy. He was telling me that your ammachi (my mom) made sweets for all of them and that your appappa (my dad) is turning every bad news he gets from anywhere into a good news. They are all very excited that I am carrying you. Your maama is very excited and alreadying telling me how he would treat you, what he would buy you and that he would take you to live with them in Richmond, BC.

Your appamma had bought kunkuma poo (saffron) for me to mix with milk and drink like 2 months ago. It is supposedly healthy for you and will make you very fair. She had given that to me to store it. Last night she came by my room and asked me for the saffron and said that she would prepare the milk for me and that I should not tell your dad as your dad had told her that he did not want me to drink kunkuma poo mixed milk. Your dad feels that you will be beautiful the way you are born and that you will be fair. Your appamma is already watching out for you. She is a very caring person and waiting eagerly for your arrival also. See how special you are chellam even way before you arrive.

Wanna know something?????? My side of the immediate family is not very big. You have your ammachi, appappa and your maama only. I have a big extended family. Its way too big that I don’t want to get into details. Your dad’s side of the immediate family is very big. And his extended family is huge! Your dad is the youngest out of 5 boys. You have 1 peyriyappa and 3 chithappas. You have 1 peyriyamma and 3 chithis. You have 5 sisters and 3 bothers (first cousins). They all don’t know of your arrival yet only because we are waiting for the blood test confirmation. Imagine all the attention and love you will be getting once they find out!!!!! 😀

Today they were holding a candle light vigil for all those people that died in Tamil Eelam because of a mass genocide by the Sri lankan government. Your dad and I had planned that I would not go to the vigil and go home straight after work. But before work finished, your dad called. I insisted that I come to the vigil with him because I wanted to see him too. So then he picked me up from work and we went to the vigil. There were alot of tamil people at Queen’s Park (the place of the vigil) and all these people were dressed in black clothes to show their sadness. Your dad was walking around to find a good place to sit so that you will be okay in my tummy. But no matter how and where I sat, I don’t think you were comfortable as you kept giving me twitching pain (its okay baby….it was not that painful). And guess what, I had to go to the washroom a lot and I was feeling hungry like almost every half hour. Your dad is such a caring and empathetic person. He took me to Tim Hortons and bought me timbits because I was hungry. We had to walk alot and then we went back to the vigil. An hour later, I had to go to the washroom again, your dad this time took me to the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine (hospital) so that I can go to the washroom. And then in the lobby of that hospital, there were couches (the ones where people can sleep), and he made me lay on the couch as he was very worried about you because we had walked alot. I was worried too because I was told to be very careful for the first 3 months with you, and I knew that I had walked alot and so your dad was really worried. I rested there for about 30 mins while your dad was talking to his friend. We then made our way back to the vigil. There, the candle light vigil started. It was very emotional but very beautiful seeing all those people (maybe about 30,000 people) holding the candles.

At about 9:00 pm, all the people began to march across University Ave. but your dad made plans to return home as we had walked alot and it was not safe anymore to walk. We came home around 11:00 pm. Your dad is really worried about you. He is not letting me do anything at all. We were sitting on the sofa eating dinner and there he was patting my tummy and before we fell asleep, he prayed to god for you asking god to keep you safe and healthy. Your dad always prays to god before falling asleep daily and he has also taught me to do the same so that I don’t get any bad dreams. I am pretty sure, that you will learn this habit too.

First blood test

I left work at 2:30 pm so that your dad can take me to the lab. We were the only people in the lab. The lady in the lab told me to go to room number 1 so that she can take the blood sample. She was having a little bit of trouble locating my vein, finally she found the right spot. She took 4 little tubes of blood out from me (yeah ouch!!!!). I asked her when the doctor would get the result, she said that maybe tomorrow.

My right hand is hurting very bad. Your dad patted my hand and kissed me and said that the pain would go away soon. He takes really good care of me. I was craving for McDonald`s today. He took me to the McDonald`s. I never eat a meal fully, but today I told him to buy me a McChiken meal for me. I wanted to come home and eat. I ate the whole meal…I shared about 1 fry with your dad. I was willing to share more, but he did not want any as he was not hungry and he wanted me to feed myself properly.

I introduced you to McDonald`s today!!! 🙂 hehehehehehe, I know that you won`t be able to taste it now…but I was telling your dad that I introduced you to McDonald`s today.

Today, my tummy does not feel very sore and I don`t feel any back aches. I know that this week you are 5 weeks old. This is a week of crucial wiring when the placenta and umbilical cord hook up to me. Your heart–about the size of a poppy seed–starts beating.

1st visit to the Doctor

I finished work at 4, your dad picked me up from the GO station at 5 and we went to the doctor.

We got to the doctor`s office just on time for the appointment at 5:15. Sitting at the doctor`s office, many things are running in our minds. What will we ask the doctor, what do we have to do, what can we not do during pregnancy and so many more things. I could not sit for a long time so I got up and started walking around. I saw 2 new born babies, one was sleeping in its car seat while the other was crying so much. I felt really good seeing the babies and your dad and I were thinking …wow very soon we are going to have you in our arms. I was telling your dad how we would dress you and that how now I need to buy matching clothes for him and you.

We did not get called in to see the doctor until 5:45. The doctor said that I would have to have a blood test to confirm the pregnancy as the urine test was not very clear. And an ultra sound had to be done very soon to make sure there would not be any complications. She had prescribed me some vitamins for your growth.

Your dad suggested that we take the blood test tomorrow as it was too late to give blood test today.

On our way back home, he was driving very slow (mind you, your dad is a very fast driver….speedy). He was making sure that he goes over the road bumps very slow so that I won`t feel comfortable and that we don`t disturb you while you work to develop yourself.


The past few days have been very different for both your dad and I. We have been planning to have you for about 2 months now and seems like this month we have made it. I have been feeling very tired, and eating more than I would and also going to the washroom to pee a lot. My tummy is very big (I already look like as if I am 2 months pregnant) Your dad was saying maybe you will have a company with you in my tummy (a twin). I feel like vomiting a lot and just feeling very tired all the time. Left side of my stomach feels very sore. Maybe that’s where you have picked your first spot to settle. All these symptoms were too much to face not knowing if you are there or not. Therefore, your dad had bought a pregnancy test for me to check if we were expecting you.

We have done couple of these tests before but they all turned out negative (but those were done when we were not even planning for you). I was very excited to do this test. There I was, standing in the washroom with my hopes really high and very excited. Much to my dismay, the pregnancy test did not work very well. It had a malfunction somewhere & the result was not clear. I explained it to your dad, he was really sorry that the test did not work and was ready (more than ready) to buy another one. So he rushed out to buy another one. 30 mins later…he walks into the house with 4 more pregnancy tests.

So then I kept drinking lots of water so that I can do this test. I had to wait 2 mins for the result to appear…that 2 mins seemed like an hour. Then I saw the little blue line turning into a + sign. Wow… it turned out positive. You should have seen my face and your dad’s. How would you right? What am I thinking!

I was so happy as if I just accomplished the biggest complicated task in life (well it is if you think about it 🙂 I ran out of the washroom and I told your dad. He was on the phone talking to your Suntharan Chithappa. I guess your dad was able to tell by the happiness and the excitement on my face. He was very happy. The look in his eyes then told me that he kind of had a clue that this would be the result. We hugged each other and kissed each other to express our happiness and we knew that we were very ready to welcome you into our lives.

Even while getting up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom, your dad would tell me “kavanam…paaththu iranku” from the bed. He always takes good care of me and now he has you to worry about also. He is making sure I eat on time, that I don’t do a lot of work and also very careful that I don’t lift anything at all…weather its heavy or not. Both you and myself are very lucky to have your dad taking care of us. You are already so very lucky to have him care for you even way before your arrival so when I think about how he would care and love you when you arrive….just keeps me on my toes.

I told your grandparents (both). All of them were very happy.
I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow …and of course that is to confirm of your arrival.

With love,


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